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              1. Home General 2020 New Car Buyer’s Guide

                2020 New Car Buyer’s Guide

                Below you’ll find the best cars on the market, which means you’re just a step away from finding the very best car for you. With easy access to our detailed reviews and famous pricing guidance, you’re about to get a lot closer to your next new car.

                Best Small Cars

                Average price: $20,000

                They’re as quiet and comfortable as yesterday’s midsize cars, while packing even more cool features. See the rankings

                Best Midsize Cars

                Average price: $25,000

                One of the biggest vehicle segments in the country and arguably the most car for the money.?See the rankings

                Best Subcompact SUVs

                Average price: $22,000

                Subcompact SUVs are growing in number and popularity, and we’ve driven them all. See the rankings

                Best Compact SUVs

                Average price: $26,000

                Versatile and high-riding but not too big or thirsty, the small SUV segment is growing fast.?See the rankings

                Best Minivans

                Average price: $32,000

                These purpose-built people movers are addictive to the whole family.?See the rankings

                Best Midsize SUVs

                Average price: $33,000

                Two or three rows of seats, available all-wheel drive and a place in history as the quintessential family car of our generation.?See the rankings

                Best Small Luxury Cars

                Average price: $39,000

                Fun to drive, well-appointed and a satisfying sense of exclusivity.?See the rankings

                Best Pickup Trucks,Pickup Truck Buyer's Guide

                Best Pickup Trucks

                Average price: $41,000

                An increasing focus on fuel-efficiency and creature comforts is broadening the appeal of pickup trucks.?See the rankings

                Best Small Luxury SUVs

                Average price: $42,000

                Another growing segment, offering an appealing combination of luxury and practicality.?See the rankings

                Best Midsize Luxury SUVs

                Average price: $51,000

                Most offer three rows, all offer varying levels of opulence inside.?See the rankings

                Best Midsize Luxury Cars

                Average price: $55,000

                Significantly more attainable than their flagship luxury sedan big brothers, and luxurious enough for anyone.?See the rankings

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                Latest News

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                Best Memorial Day Car Deals

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                2021 Toyota Venza First Review

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