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              1. Home Compact SUV Crossover 2020 Honda Passport vs. 2020 Chevrolet Blazer Comparison

                2020 Honda Passport vs. 2020 Chevrolet Blazer Comparison

                Both the 2020 Honda Passport and 2020 Chevrolet Blazer seat five passengers. Beyond that, these are two very different 5-passenger, 2-row SUVs.

                2020 Honda Passport

                2020 Honda Passport

                2020 Honda Passport Starting Price:?$33,085 |?Price Yours?or?View listings near you

                Above Average:??Powerful standard V6; roomy interior; a suite of safety features comes standard on all trims; high quality and good resale value.

                Below Average:?Only one engine and transmission choice; Android Auto and Apple CarPlay not available on base trim; they can get pricey.

                Consensus:?The 2020 Honda Passport is a large, roomy 5-passenger, 2-row SUV that offers plenty of space, a robust V6, and Honda quality and reliability.

                2020 Chevrolet Blazer

                2020 Chevrolet Blazer Starting Price:?$29,995 |?Price Yours?or?View listings near you

                Above Average:?Spacious and practical 2-row SUV, sharp looks; sporty RS version; flat load floor for cargo loading; quiet cabin.

                Below Average:?Not great off-road; the base engine can be a little rough at parking lot speeds; all-wheel drive only offered with an optional V6 engine.

                Consensus:?The 5-passenger 2020 Chevy Blazer adds a 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder to its choice of engines. We like the sharp looks, decent ride and handling, and of course the sportier RS version. Even with all-wheel drive, off-roading is not among the Blazer’s strengths.

                Passport vs. Blazer: Distinct Crossovers for Different Customers

                Honda Passport

                The 2020 Honda Passport fills the gap between the Honda CR-V and the Pilot. This 2-row SUV provides ample room for five passengers and cargo. It also boasts decent ground clearance and torque-vectoring all-wheel drive for good off-road capability. There’s only one engine, but it’s a strong 280-horsepower V6 connected to a 9-speed automatic. The Passport offers a pleasing and smooth ride with steady power delivery. All Passport models come with the Honda Sensing suite of driver assists and safety features. Options are available within trim levels rather than à la carte, with such things as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto not available on the base model.? AWD is optional on all trims except the Elite, where it’s standard. Pricing is a bit higher than some competitors, but the Passport earns it with good standard equipment. Passport resale values are good, owing to Honda’s reputation for quality and reliability.

                Chevrolet Blazer

                Taking cues from the sporty Camaro, the Blazer is the cool bad boy in the segment. The 5-passenger interior design reads expensive and handsome. Unlike the more rugged 2020 Passport, when it comes to driving the Chevrolet Blazer works best on the pavement. Chevy offers all-wheel drive for all-weather driving, but it doesn’t handle much off-road. The Blazer has a sporty RS variant with good power from its V6. Chevy also offers an optional turbocharged 4-cylinder. The 2-row SUV Blazer comes with ample standard equipment, including good driver-assist features, and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. The handsome Blazer makes a good case for itself, with a comfortable and quiet interior, decent road manners.


                Both offer Smartphone connectivity, a spacious and quiet cabin, and pleasing exterior styling.

                Honda Passport Advantages

                If you’re looking to do some wandering off-road, the 2020 Passport will better equip you.

                Chevrolet Blazer

                The Blazer offers buyers sexy, sporty styling with myriad engine options.

                Final Recommendation

                Excellent resale values and the 2020 Honda Passport’s true crossover capability give it an edge over the 2020 Chevrolet Blazer in the 2-row SUV segment.

                Ready to buy a Honda Passport or Chevrolet Blazer? Shop now for one on sale near you.

                2020 Honda Passport 2020 Chevrolet Blazer
                Popular Powertrains
                Engine 3.5-liter V6 2.5-liter K4
                Horsepower 280 hp @ 6,000 rpm 193 hp @ 6,300 rpm
                Torque 262 lb-ft @ 4,700 rpm 188 hp @ 4,400 rpm
                Transmission Automatic, 9-Spd Automatic, 9-Spd
                Fuel Economy 22 mpg (20 city/25 hwy) 23 mpg (21 city/27 hwy)
                Also Available n/a 2.0-liter turbo I4; 3.6-liter V6
                Warranty 3 years/36,000 miles? 3 years/36,000 miles
                NHTSA Overall Safety Rating 5 Stars n/a
                Max Seating Capacity 5 5
                Wheelbase 111.0 inches 112.7 inches
                Overall Length 190.5 inches 191.4 inches
                Width 78.6 inches? 76.7 inches
                Height 66.3 inches 67.0 inches
                Turning Diameter 39.5 feet 38.7 feet
                Headroom, Front 40.1 inches 39.8 inches
                Headroom, Rear 40.1 inches 38.6 inches
                Legroom, Front 40.9 inches 41.0 inches
                Legroom, Rear 39.6 inches 36.9 inches
                Shoulder Room, Front 62.0 inches 59.1 inches
                Shoulder Room, Rear 61.9 inches 58.6 inches
                EPA Passenger Volume 115.9 cu. ft. 107.8 cu. ft.
                EPA Cargo Volume 77.9 cu. ft. 64.2 cu. ft.

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