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                Car Research

                Car Research

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                See reviews, dive into pricing & specs, compare cars and more.


                Searching for the Best Car


                Latest Car News

                Genesis Launches Shop-at-Home Services
                <p>Genesis Concierge introduced Offers dedicated personal shopper At-home test drives promoted New vehicle delivery available Genesis joins the ranks of automakers expanding into shop-at-home services. The new program, called Genesis Concierge, offers a wide range of features including a dedicated personal shopper to help with the purchase process. This “white glove” concierge service started May [&hellip;]</p>
                Matt DeLorenzo
                May 12, 2020
                Top car deals may not last much longer
                <p>Production and inventory may affect top deals Vehicle production shuttered for more than six weeks If car buying ramps up soon, popular models could be in short supply Deals may dry up on trucks and SUVs Inventory and incentives may remain strong for small cars and SUVs Even in mid-April, at the peak of stay-at-home [&hellip;]</p>
                KBB Editors
                May 12, 2020
                Mazda offering free oil change for healthcare workers
                <p>(Update, 5/4/2020: Mazda extends free oil change program. See details below) Demonstrating appreciation for the nation’s healthcare workers, Mazda offers free oil changes and enhanced cleaning of their vehicles. Notably, the service extends beyond Mazda owners The offer is good for most makes and models from other brands, Mazda said. The Essential Car Care program [&hellip;]</p>
                Matt Degen
                May 04, 2020
                10 Best Used Hatchbacks Under $8,000
                <p>Hatchbacks offer immense practicality, thanks to their large rear hatch openings and voluminous cargo holds. Here are the 10 best used hatchbacks under $8,000, based on Kelley Blue Book Fair Purchase Price. More segments ? 1. 2010 Toyota Prius The 2010 Toyota Prius isn&#8217;t just a fuel-economy champion, it&#8217;s also flexible and built to last. [&hellip;]</p>
                Allyson Harwood
                Compact Car
                May 01, 2020
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                Tips And Advice

                What’s That Dripping Under My Car?
                <p>It’s an annoying predicament. You pull out of your garage only to discover that some leaking fluid has defiled your perfectly clean garage floor. Whether it’s green, red, brown or black, rest assured the remnants of drips and leaks do nothing to improve the value of your home, and worst of all, it could signal [&hellip;]</p>
                Cam Benty
                April 21, 2020
                How Do I Know if I Need New Wheel Bearings?
                <p>Imagine driving on the freeway when suddenly the left front tire and wheel break off, sending your out-of-control vehicle skidding across several lanes of 65 mph traffic. This is reality, this can happen if you fail to notice the signs the wheel bearings are deteriorating and need immediate repairs. This is not an exaggeration. What [&hellip;]</p>
                Rick Kranz
                April 20, 2020
                What’s Involved in a Vehicle Car Tune-Up?
                <p>Preventive maintenance is always a good idea to make sure your vehicle continues to run as you would expect it to. Experts state that once a year is usually a good rule of thumb in order to keep your car in tip-top shape. Tune-up or not to tune-up Because of sophisticated electronic ignition, sparkplugs with [&hellip;]</p>
                KBB Editors
                March 21, 2020
                How Do I Know if My Spark Plugs Need Replacing?
                <p>If your vehicle’s acceleration has gone from “zoom, zoom” to “putt, putt,” there’s probably a spark plug problem. Poor fuel economy is another indication the plugs or spark plug wires likely need replacing. Although spark plugs last considerably longer than those produced 30 years ago, they don’t last forever and need to be replaced at [&hellip;]</p>
                Rick Kranz
                March 21, 2020
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                About New and Used Car Research

                According to internal Kelley Blue Book data, over 80% of car shoppers don’t know exactly which new or used car they want for their next car. But with hundreds of new car makes and models out there and several thousand more choices for used cars, where do you start when doing your new car research or used car research?

                Not to worry. We’ve got the research tools to help explore and compare new car and used car information. Choose a make and model and see reviews, dive into pricing and specs and see how that car compares against similar vehicles.

                If you need a little more guidance, our experts have done a lot of the work for you with car shopping guides for every car category from sedans to trucks to electric cars. You’ll also find Top 10 Lists, Kelley Blue Book award winners, first looks at new models from auto shows and more.

                Then once you’ve gotten a sense of which cars might fit your needs, check out tips and advice about car buying, like financing vs leasing, the best car color to buy, and how to use Kelley Blue Book pricing and information to get a great deal at the dealership.

                Everything Else You Need for Research

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